Austria Rogers Data VFR Trip Kit 200k

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Austria Rogers Data VFR Trip Kit 200k 2020

Approach and Aerodrom Charts of all aerodromes existing in Austria:

  • VFR Trip Kit in DIN A5 size, spiral bound with metal spirals
  • Its a summary of all civil and military aerodromes existing in Austria
  • An approach and aerodrome chart is provided for each aerodrome including all necessary information for VFR
  • All approach charts are on a scale of 1:200.000
  • Aerodrome charts are presented with an aerial photo
  • Highly sophisticated paper and digital printed
  • Spiral bound with metal spirals sheets can be flipped over completely
  • Easy & comfortable handling in the cockpit
Brand Rogers Data
Lead Time 2-3 workdays
Scale 1:200000
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