Smart Aircraft Experience

Evionica in partnership with Diamond Aircraft

 Just like Diamond stands for perfection in manufacturing aircraft, the highest quality and attention to detail, Evionica provides future pilots and flight schools with next-generation e-learning courses (CBT) and flight training software, which help to digitize flight school training, save time and money.

Computer-Based Trainings (CBT)

Evionica’s Computer-Based Training (CBT) covers all aircraft systems including Garmin Avionics and explains in a user-friendly way how they work. Additionally, it provides pilots an opportunity to learn the operation of the aircraft’s controls and systems through interactive slides, realistic graphics and animations, which helps master the knowledge and improve training results.

The courses include reporting, where users receive training records, including logs and test results, ensuring an effective way of learning and training.

All of Evionica’s online courses are available on an easy-to-use LMS platform, with online and offline access, on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Buy your Diamond CBT now online via Evionica!

CBT Aviation Course DA42 NG

CBT Aviation Course DA42 Twin Star

CBT Aviation Course DA42 VI

CBT Aviation Course DA40 TDI

CBT Aviation Course DA40 NG

CBT Aviation Course DA40-180

CBT Aviation Course DA20 A1

CBT Aviation Course DA20 C1